The Adventures of the Mobile Pet Nanny

I thought I would share an “alarming”, yet comical situation from my last dog sitting assignment!

i was about 5 days into caring for Spud and Moses, two adorable dogs owned by a good friend. She and her husband had traveled to Italy to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. While they were enjoying a romantic gondola ride in Venice, I was catching the local news at their home. Suddenly, the evening quiet was interrupted by a screeching sound with an ominous voice saying, “evacuate, evacuate.” The smoke and carbon monoxide alarm was going off! I quickly checked for smoke and fire but could find nothing. I knew that I had to find the cause as I wanted to make it through the night!  I quickly summoned my husband from our home and he came to disarm it. We opened the windows and I felt comfortable going to bed!

The next morning I knew I had to get to the bottom of this. Since the alarm had been deactivated, it could no longer be used. I called the manufacturer of the device and learned something new.  I asked the representative why the alarm would go off when there was no apparent danger. She advised me that the alarms will go off if they get dust in them, or if there is condensation or humidity where they are located. They recommend that the alarms be dusted every 3 months using a blow dryer or an air can.  What a good thing to know! I don’t think that I have ever dusted the alarm in my home!

There was a happy outcome to this. The representative offered to send my friend a new device since the other could no longer be used. I was so pleased that my friends could return from a glorious vacation without having to worry about the alarm.

Mobile Pet Nanny to the rescue!