All About Shelley

Hi, my name is Shelley and I am a Mobile Pet Nanny! I started this business as I have dogs of my own and always struggled with having to leave them when we went away! My dogs are my family and I shuddered to think they would be with strangers! I have always taken my dogs to the local kennel, which I trusted completely. I just hated the stress on my babies’ faces as we approached the registration desk. A friend had told me of a lady that stayed at your home. I tried her and loved it and found that I could never get an opening with her.

I knew that there were other people who felt like me. People who love their animals and want the best care for them. I could fill that need for them by offering loving, trustworthy, reliable and dedicated care. Since I come to your home, your pets remain in their own environment, reducing separation anxiety. A special service that I offer is sleeping with your animals! Yes, you heard me right! If your dogs are used to sleeping with you, then they can sleep with me! I only ask that they don’t steal the sheets!

If your pets are fine on their own at night, I can stop by and see them during the day. I will provide the same loving care while playing with them or serving their favorite meals! We can play in your yard or sit and watch Dr. Phil together!

Please call me if you need more information and don’t forget to check back again for more stories about the Adventures of a Mobile Pet Nanny!


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