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In Your Home vs. Boarding

Making the decision about boarding your pet(s) or having a pet sitter care for them should be based on a number of factors, notably services provided, cost and convenience. When you are trying to get the most for your money, pet sitting offers so much more than a boarding kennel ever could. You’re probably asking yourself, “What can pet sitting offer that boarding can’t?” In a word, we can do tons. While a kennel usually provides no more than just a place to sleep, a roof over Fido’s head, and daily water refills, pet sitting provides private dog walks, play time, brushing, medication administration, and litter box cleaning in addition to maintaining your household.

A good pet sitter will offer to bring in your mail and newspaper, rotate lights and blinds, water plants, take out your weekly trash cans, and check house security. No more putting your mail service on hold, coming home to dead plants, or having to drop off and pick up your stressed-out pets. With a professional pet sitter this is all taken care of for you.

Want the boarding kennel to administer medication? There will be an extra charge. How about extra play time? That is another fee. And if you need to drop off your pet early, or pick them up late, you may be charged for an entire extra day!

So, as a pet sitter myself, I may be biased, but the proof is in the pudding – from the pet’s increased happiness and reduced health risks to your own priceless peace of mind, hiring a petsitter is a great way to care for your pet while you’re away from home.

Benefits of pet sitting to your pet:

  • Reduced stress

  • Tailored Care

  • Less exposure to illness

  • Personal attention, play time and love


Benefits of pet sitting to you:

  • No guilt from imposing on family members or neighbors

  • No transportation concerns

  • House Sitting Bonus

  • Crime deterrent

  • Peace of mind

  • Daily Pet Progress Report email with a photo


About Us

Shelley and Servando Cortez

Mobile Pet Nanny is in the business of loving and caring for your pets. Owners, Shelley and Servando Cortez are parents to pets of their own and have 12 years of pet care experience. When it comes to your pets, we take their welfare very seriously, caring for them as though they are our own beloved animals.

We have lived in Murrieta for nearly 30 years where we raised our family. Before becoming professional pet sitters, we had long term careers in corporate management. We started this business because we realized the need for outstanding pet care. As dedicated pet owners, we found it difficult to find quality care for our babies. 

Ways We Can Help

  • Do you work long hours and have to leave your pets home alone all day?

  • Do you have multiple pets so boarding isn’t practical?

  • Did you suffer an injury that makes it hard to walk your dog?

  • Do you want to go on vacation, but not board your pets?

  • Does your dog display unwanted behavior from lack of exercise or mental stimulation?

  • Are you unable to make it home on your lunch break to give your dog a potty break?

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Services & Rates

   Standard Services


Regular Daily Visits (20-25 minutes)

  • $30.00 each visit

Our most popular choice. Good for many multiple pet homes, supervised feedings, potty breaks, and play. Most dogs will require 2-4 regular visits per day. Generally, cats only require one visit per day, depending on your requirements.

Extended Daily Visits (40-45 minutes)

  • $45.00

Extended visits are recommended for pets requiring walks or more time. Call for details



  • Prices cover up to two animals

  • Each additional animal is $5 for dogs, $2 for all other

  • Rates are higher for service outside of normal service area. Please call for details.


Overnight Visits: $100.00 per night

  • Overnight visits are from 7pm until 7am the following morning

  • Daily visit rates apply for mid-day visits

  • Includes: All standard pet sitting services

  • Rates are higher for service outside of normal service area. Please call for details.

Both Overnight and individual day visits Include:

  • Feeding

  • Playtime

  • Litter box cleaning, poop scooping

  • Medication (if applicable)

  • Watering plants

  • Mail and newspaper retrieval

  • Rotating lights and blinds

  • Check House Security

  • Take out and return weekly trash cans

  • Empty inside trash cans at stay's end

As professional Pet Sitters, we specialize in getting to know the needs of our clients and their pets. Call us today at  951-265-1448 to find out more!

We pride ourselves in offering customized services, including....

  • Professionalism

  • Customized Services

  • Safety

  • Daily updates via text message, email or care notes

  • Reasonable Rates

  • Private Dog Walks

  • Outstanding Communication


Leanne says "I use Shelley, The Mobile Pet Nanny, frequently. I knew from our very first meeting she was the caregiver I’d been searching for. I never have to give a second thought to whether or not my dogs are happy and healthy when I’m not home. Shelley has it covered. Professional, polite, positive pet person. I’m so grateful". 

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Mobile Pet Nanny is the best. I never have to worry about my precious dogs when I am away. My Husky's love Shelley, and so do we. Susan T

eoff 2.jpg

Shelley is a dream pet sitter! I had zero worries while we were out of town for a long vacation. Shelley is prompt, sends updates, and took wonderful care of my dog and tortoise. If I could give her 6 out of five stars, I would! If you are looking for someone who treats your pets and home with wonderful care and consideration you have found your gal! Jennifer E

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Shelley has been our pet sitter for many years now. We can schedule vacations or even a one time drop in, if our schedules are too busy, without worry. I don’t stress when we are away, knowing that my pet family and home are in excellent hands. I highly recommend The Mobile Pet Nanny for any pet care needs you may have. Stacy B

steve a 2.jpg

Shelley is an excellent dogsitter. Extremely thorough and conscientious, we trust her with our dogs. Steve A

chavez 2.jpg

Outstanding Pet sitter! I’ve trusted her with my elderly pets and my young kitten. She is kind, caring, trustworthy and dependable. My pets love her and so do I and my human family :- Patti C

We have been a client of Shelley’s for many years and can’t say enough great things about Mobile Pet Nanny. My pups are always happiest being cared for in our own home. Shelley loves my babies like they are her own. Makes going on vacation so much more relaxing knowing my dogs will be happy and comfortable and not stressed from a kennel Shari B

Mobile Pet Nanny Gallery

Here are all of our pet fur clients

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